Like that limp habañero lobster appetizer, this episode of Top Chef didn't have much of a kick.

Creating dishes for a combined bachelor/bachelorette party, the cheftestants needed to make food to go with classy fare like tequila shots. But the pairings didn't seem to bring out the best in anyone, except those two brothers, Bryan and Michael. (Their mom must be so proud!)

The only real dash of authentic spice came when a "fired up" Ashley seethed about making food for someone's wedding when she and the other gay contestants this season couldn't legally marry. This dollop of civil rights in the ceviche was unexpected, especially to Preeti, who admitted she wasn't as bothered about it even though she has been with her partner for 13 years.

But soon enough, this moment of reality was overpowered by a round of Moscow Mule shooters and a battle of the sexes, and the show returned to the kitchen. Was this ep prepared to your liking?

The Second Top Chef: Vegas Poll
Did you like this episode?

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