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    Caught! AnnaLynne Finds a Kellan Look-Alike

    AnnaLynne McCord Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

    AnnaLynne McCord, partying at Skybar in Hollywood, and she sure isn't wasting time pining for ex-boyfriend Kellan Lutz—or is she?

    After a midparty wardrobe change, AnnaLynne looked more scrumptious in a flawless, skintight black dress with her curly locks loosely pulled back, showing off some fierce diamonds around her neck. Guess Kellan isn't the only one trying to get in revenge-looking shape.

    While waiting for the bar, Ms. McCord was fully grinding and dancing all over some dee-lish dude. Thing is, he very much resembled her former Twilight flame: muscular arms, tall, built bod, same 'do up top.

    As coupley as they looked, he must not have been intriguing enough to keep A's attention 'cause she left the party solo. Just a classy girl, or is she having dumper's remorse?

    A little bit up north...

    Tobey Maguire and Elizabeth Banks, hard at work filming their new flick, The Details, up in Seattle. Recently the pair was shooting a scene off Montlake, at the Hop In Market (a Seattle staple for high school kids to just "hang" in the parking lot. You remember those days right?). Locals up north say that Tobey and Elizabeth are always as "sweet as can be" whenever they venture around the city and are enjoying the rainless time up there.

    Back down in Cali...

    David Spade, getting his grub on at the Cheesecake Factory at the Grove. Decked in his standard casual fit, David wore jeans, a white- and blue-striped button-down and sneakers.

    D.S. stormed out like he was in a big hurry, hopefully to get home and comb his hair, as our eyes tell us Davey just a smidgen disheveled.

    Because Spade is such a hot commodity, he had a bodyguard-type in tow as he bolted, natch. Uh, is that really necessary? What, just in case desperate middle-aged women can't keep their clothes on around the Big Spade or somethin' he needs extra security measures?

    Totally don't see the appeal of this guy. Something Nicollette Sheridan and Heather Locklear could fill us in on anytime now.