Jennifer Aniston

Best of Summer

Oh, hello!

As part of our extensive Best of Summer 2009 coverage, we were thinking about all the toned women there are in Hollywood: Jennifer Aniston, Megan Fox and Jessica Biel, just to name a few. These women work really hard to get in shape—hitting the gym, eating right, taking their vitamins and such—and we just thought we should celebrate all that hard work by, um, looking at them.

And taking a poll about which one is hottest. You know, celebrating them.

Anyway, pick your favorite and then post a comment about how awesome this upbeat tribute is, or how disappointed you are in the choices because we forgot [the name of your favorite actress].

The Best of Summer 2009: Hottest Female Stars
Which female celebrity has the hottest summer body?

See more of Summer's Best Bodies in our gallery, and keep coming back for updates on the season's most sensational stars, stories and scandals.

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