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    Caught! Hugh Jackman on Gay Street—No Really!

    Hugh Jackman Carlos Costas,

    Hugh Jackman, getting super fabulous at Joe's Coffee in the Village on the corner of Waverly Place and—where else?—Gay Street. (That's really the name of the street, folks.)

    Hugh, who's in the Big A. getting ready for his play, A Steady Rain, with Daniel Craig, was with a cameraman shooting what looked like a documentary. Incredibly handsome in a tight black polo, H.J. chitchatted with bum-staring passersby, including a gal who mentioned to him that she's married to an Aussie. Hugh replied that they make such "good husbands!"

    Do they, Hugh?

    Especially when they're manly enough to star on B'way and get a hot fix in the gayest 'hood this side of the Castro, right?

    While Hugh was more than pleasant getting his coffee fix, one caffeinated dude less amicable to everyone around him was...

    Jeremy Piven, according to a fairly caffeinated source, indulging in a java break at a New Jersey Starbucks. Donning droopy jeans, a too-tight T and a-hole aviators, The Pivs gave other preppy coffee drinkers "the Ari Gold death stare," we're told, while he was ordering an iced beverage.

    Guess J.P. thought he'd go unnoticed outside Manhattan (makes sense he would stay as far away from Broadway as possible), as he was looking less put-together than usual: Our gossiper swears J.P. was "unshaven, sporting a big belly, man boobs and no ass...yuck." Couldn't have summed up the d-bag better ourselves.

    One doable celebrity older than J.P. but ten times more glam looking was...

    Antonio Banderas, book shoppin' at a Barnes & Noble in L.A. The Spanish stud, wearing jeans and sophisticated suede boots, was with his daughter Stella and his longtime wife, Melanie Griffith, but our bookstore consumer standing in line behind the famous fam could only keep his eyes on Antonio's butt. "His booty looked good!" he raves to us.

    Whatever derriere workouts Ant's doin', he should share some with Piven, whose ass could apparently use some bounce. So to speak.

    —Additional reporting by Becky Bain