Blind Vice

Darlings, you have no idea how much we wish we didn't have to make this hot little gem a Blind Vice. But our E! attorney, a nasty little bitch from New York who hasn't had any action since Britney was a virgin, insists the veil must be dropped. Oh, whatever.

Still, it's hot 'n' dishy! So let us introduce you to Me-Me Dallas and Tobey Yum Yum, two up-and-coming celebs who we know are going to be B.V. regulars—like Morgan Mayhem, but tons sexier and more fun!

You can tell that Me-Me is dying to be bad; she always seems to be getting herself into hiccup after hiccup. And as for Tobey, we've always known he was a troublemaker, but for some reason Mr. Yummy has been able to fly more under the radar. Blame the dimples.

Anyway, this stormy couple had a very thundering moment a year or so back. They were working on a TV show together, and neither of them were quite as virginal as they try to tell you they are...

See, Me-Me and Tobey took a break together out in M's trailer, and let's say everyone on the set got an earful of just how much these two cuddly teens hunger for and adore each other. More importantly (and so adoringly), they decided to be each other's firsts. There. And. Then. On a stage set! For the whole crew to listen to!

And everyone on-set heard exactly how well that undertaking went down. And up. And in the middle and sideways...

We feel incredibly perverted writing about this, but it just had to be shared, don't you think? I mean, particularly since both parties couldn't wait to tell everybody else that what they heard was, uh, what they heard.

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