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Bridget Marquardt knows being in the spotlight of reality television can be stressful, but she doesn't think it's to blame for Jon and Kate Gosselin's messy split.

"I personally don't think it necessarily had to do with the reality show," the Girl Next Door told us at this week's Reality Cares' Sizzles event at the SunStyle Tanning Studio in West Hollywood. "I think he was unhappy with his marriage and the situation to begin with…I think [reality TV] definitely is a stress factor in a relationship, but I don't think it breaks it up. I think there have to be underlying problems."

In fact, Bridget wouldn't mind scoring another reality-show deal.

Oh? Read on for details, plus hear what she has to say about moving in with boyfriend Nick Carpenter...

"We've talked about the possibility of doing a spinoff show similar to what Kendra [Wilkinson] is doing," Bridget revealed. "We'll see."

And speaking of mommy-to-be Kendra, the Southern California girl may be moving to the East Coast to be closer to hubby Hank Baskett, but we'll see her back on the West Coast in September for her baby shower at Hugh Hefner's personal assistant Mary O'Connor's house.

"We'll see if she goes back to Philly after that," Bridget laughed.

Bridget will start planning the shower once she settles into her new home with boyfriend Nick. However, moving in together doesn't mean the lovebirds are ready to settle down and start a family.

"I'm just all about taking it slow and not rushing into anything," Bridget said.

Nick added, "I'm turning 30 this year and she's 35…We're just enjoying our lives. There's no point in changing the way anything is now."

P.S. If you're thinking of picking up a housewarming present for Bridget and Nick, you should know they need everything! "I don't even own a fork," she told E! News yesterday at Melanie Segal's Teen Choice Lounge presented by Rocket Dogs. "I have this huge house and own nothing. Nothing!"

—Reporting by Dahvi Shira and Aly Weisman


Relive the magic of Kendra and Hank's big day.

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