Miley Cyrus' "Secret Husband" Off the Streets

    Miley Cyrus, Frank McLeod Mike Marsland/Getty Images; Chatham County Sheriff's Office

    The would-be Mr. Miley Cyrus is spending some quality time in the clink.

    An obsessed fan who claimed to be secretly betrothed to Disney's tween queen has been taken into custody on charges of attempted stalking after trying to crash the Georgia set of her latest movie.

    Mark McLeod, 53, was picked up at his home in Appling, Ga., last night—a few days after he showed up unannounced yet again as Cyrus was shooting The Last Song.

    "We had an incident Sunday afternoon. He was down in the area where they were doing the filming and had staging equipment, asking people around the neighborhood where Miley lives," Tybee Island Police Chief Jim Price tells E! News.

    "We felt there was probably cause at that point to obtain an arrest warant."

    McLeod made a brief appearance Wednesday afternoon in municipal court, where Judge Steven Scheer set bail at $50,000, provided the defendant not return to Tybee Island—except when he's expected in court—and stay away from Cyrus and her family.

    "I got that. Yes, sir," replied McLeod (who has asked the court to provide an attorney for him) when Scheer asked if he understood the terms.

    McLeod was also busted June 22 on Tybee Island for disorderly conduct and obstructing arrest after he trespassed onto the Last Song set and proclaimed that he and the 16-year-old Cyrus were engaged.

    He was quoted in the arresting officer's report as saying, "We're supposed to be together and we couldn't stop it...Our eyes met at her concert and we both knew. I walked straight through security and up to her bus. Billy Ray was standing there. He shook my hand and said you're the good man we've been praying for."

    McLeod was eventually released from the Chatham County jail due to overcrowding, but Team Miley was on high alert in case he returned. He is due in court Sept. 1 to answer to those charges.

    (Originally published Aug. 5, 2009, at 12:35 p.m. PT)


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