For the ladies of The View, fighting is not a sometimes activity.

During yesterday's Hot Topics segment, the conversation between Whoopi Goldberg (apparently representing the Amish contingent with that getup) and Sherri Shepherd (who disappointingly failed to share her views on whether she believed a baked good could be flat) turned acrimonious due not to religion or politics but to Cookie Monster.

Tempers flared when the ladies began discussing Sesame Street's upcoming healthy eating PSA, in which the ravenous blue cutie is taught about the benefits of smart food choices by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and a particularly well-informed stalk of broccoli.

For the ad was Shepherd, who apparently blames C.M. for the poor dietary habits of our nation's youth. In the other corner was the Whoopster, who had this to say:

"Bull! I think it's stupid!...It's a puppet!"

Technically, Whoopi, it's a muppet, but we're willing to let that slide.

But a word of advice to Oscar the Grouch: If you see Sherri coming at you with some Prozac, run.


Whatever! In other news, today is National Megan Fox Awareness Day.

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