Megan Fox


It's true, everybody! You can't have too much of a good thing.

Especially when that good thing looks exactly like Megan Fox. And drops wild nonsense in interviews, and walks around wet, and totally bends over in big dumb movies about robots, and then makes ballsy acting choices. Oh, and is Megan Fox.

So when certain sites declare they've had enough of a good thing and will abstain from Megan Fox today, we call bull on that. Unlike some, she's worked hard for her fame, and we're happy to have her chewing up pop culture scenery.

So E! Online declares Aug. 4 National Megan Fox Awareness Day! While others can't get their content up, we salute the sharp, unpredictable, lithe and smoldering starlet. And we encourage you to celebrate, too, in whatever way feels right, America!

Then check back all day for more Megan Fox mania.


She's coy. She's loud. She's just superhot. See all that she is in the Many Moods of Megan Fox photo gallery.

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