Kevin Federline, Victoria Prince

Cody Boor

Kevin Federline is still keeping it classy as ever.

Last night, he hit Wasted Space at the Hard Rock Hotel with girlfriend Victoria Prince and an entourage of 15 in tow. 

Cameras for his new VH1 reality show also were there. "Kevin looked noticeably heavier," a source tells E! News. Maybe it's from all the drinking he's doing?

"At one point, Kevin got on stage with the Sin City Sinners and hyped the crowd, bragging that he was intoxicated," a source says.

Was he too drunk to remember to tip?

Despite getting comped two bottles of Grey Goose, K-Fed stiffed all the servers at the end of the night for no apparent reason.

Kevin, Victoria and their entourage left around 3 a.m. to go party elsewhere, presumably for free.


Kevin Federline is not stopping at a reality show. Find out his plans for a kids' clothing line.  

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