Miley Cyrus

I read that Miley Cyrus tweeted that she was listening to John Mayer (gross) and “missing” someone.  People say that she was tweeting to the underwear model.  He even replied to her.  But she’s supposed to be dating Nick Jonas.  What the hell is going on?  If you’re going to try to have an affair, or rekindle a romance, maybe just call the guy.  She isn’t the brightest, maybe she doesn’t realize that Twitters are read by everybody else in the world.  She might have gotten it mixed up with texting. It is kind of confusing, especially if your dad is Billy Ray Cyrus and he has the brains in the family.  Most of all Chuy and I are concerned about Nick JonasJoe Jonas was already crying at a concert over his breakup, and I can’t stand having another Jonas upset.  They already seem like little girls. If one more breaks down on stage, the only music they’ll be able to sell is a jingle to a tampon ad.