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Uma Thurman: Motherhood's Paparazzi Problem

Uma Thurman, Motherhood Poster Freestyle Releasing

Jodie Foster is playing Sarah Jessica Parker in Uma Thurman's new movie.


Katherine Dieckmann, director of Thurman's upcoming comedy Motherhood, tells me that a cameo by Foster in the flick was inspired by the Sex and the City star. In the scene, the double Oscar winner is being hounded in a New York City playground by overzealous paparazzi.

"I would go to that playground all the time and poor Sarah Jessica Parker would come with her son and she would be harassed!" Dieckmann said. "She literally could not push her kid on the swing set without a picture being taken. I just saw a picture of [pregnant] Heidi Klum…at that park. They come here and stalk people."

And it was no different when Dieckmann was shooting in the same neighborhood with Thurman and her costar Minnie Driver, who was pregnant at the time.

How'd they get the pesky shutterbugs off their backs? Read on to find out…

"One day, Minnie was queasy, it was hot out and these guys would not leave her alone," Dieckmann said. "She was so hormonal and started screaming at them and then they starting snapping her. I stepped between her and the paparazzi and go, 'She's pregnant!...Like f--king be a human being for one second. They all left except for one guy, who was like, 'I just have to get my shot, man!' "

So Dieckmann struck a deal with him: "We actually let him be in that scene with Foster to leave Uma and Minnie alone."

It worked.

"And then the night before [Foster's shoot], Jodie says to me, 'You know, if you want to write me a line, you can write me a line,' " Dieckmann remembered with a laugh. "I was like, 'OK, I will write you a line.' So I wrote her, 'Go work in a soup kitchen, you f--king parasites!' "


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