When Twilight Fans Take It Way Too Far

    Robert Pattinson, New Moon Summit Entertainment

    It's no secret we thirst for Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and the whole New Moon gang, but we certainly know when to draw the line.

    Like sexual assault, for ince.

    At a panel talking about Twilight fan fiction down at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend, one of the panelists had a not-so-funny response to an audience question.

    But first, a little background for those of you who don't speak all things Twilight. This site is a place where anyone can go and create fictional stories based off of the Twilight characters. The queens who rule this Twilight fandom all sat down at a session to explain more about their site, which was started for those who weren't satisfied with only four of Stephenie Meyer's books.

    So the head of a fanfic site was asked if she was bothered by stories posted that are violent or that border on sexual assault. The answer, offered loudly by a fan in the room?

    "If it's Rob, it's OK."

    The crowd then erupted with laughter.

    Um, that's so not funny.

    Now, the erotic-themed pieces are called deep genre, and one audience member asked about where to draw the line between harmless role playing and scary sexual stuff. One mom-author-fan responded that it's all kosher when Rob is involved and emphasized that, "Twilight [fanfic] is a place where fans can speak freely."

    Sexual assault is hardly something to kid around about, freely or otherwise. There's no situation where that's OK, sorry. What next, we're gonna find out Chris Brown is a Robert Pattinson devotee, as well? Also, we doubt Pattison would be chill with these types of comments, either.

    And to be fair, only a fraction of fan fiction wanders into abusive territory. There are plenty of PG-rated romantic comedies out there, such as Laws of Attraction, where Bella and Edward grow up to be lawyers, but they hate each other. Or another story where Bella becomes a global celebrity and hires Edward as her bodyguard.

    Cool, but please tell us none of you guys go so far as bypassing a woman's right to say no? Even to R.Pattz.

    Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder