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The Big Bang Theory Rocks Comic-Con With Hot Hookups and Loads of Facial Hair

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We don't care if this sounds cliché, because we just have one theory on our beloved BBT.

Best. Cast. Ever.

Comic-Con 2009 Franchise Brick

Seriously, this amazing group of young actors showed up ready to take Comic-Con by storm and rocked every second for all it was worth. The Big Bang Theory gang, along with equally incredible creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, checked into San Diego and entertained us all with, more than anything, their very visible true-to-screen friendships and admiration of one another.

More of this awesomeness to come, but first the juicy stuff. Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Penny (Kaley Cuoco) are definitely on! We're not talking a slow go of it—it's full speed ahead! "We're jumping in," said Chuck. "The will-they-or-won't-they question will be answered in the first episode."

The boys will be fresh off their Arctic adventures—and no doubt at each others' throats—and the pair will be instantly reunited. Squee! But where do things with Lenny go from there? And what's up with the rest of the gang? We got the scoop...

"There's no reason not to go for it," said Bill. "We're so excited about it. After about five weeks, Penny becomes Leonard's girlfriend of duration."

It won't all be smooth sailing, though, as real-life relationship issues will arise. "If Leonard can sustain it [for at least] that long, how does he deal with her world and how do the guys deal with them as a couple? How does Sheldon deal with that? It's uncharted territory," said Bill.

Uncharted, yes. But we are so ready to see what happens next.  

After one of our absolute faves, Kaley, played along with an overzealous fanatic who called her hot, we got down to the nitty-gritty on her thoughts on Penny and Leonard finally making the leap.

"I don't care that it's season three," she said. "I want them to get together, not get together and in 10 years when our show is canceled realize that they should have been together the whole time." So very Ross and Rachel—and we love it!

Hilarious and adorable and delightful Emmy nominee, Jim Parsons (Sheldon), was on hand to provide lots of comic relief. If you'll indulge us for just a minute, try to visualize this: A fan asks his question at the mic, following up by asking if Jim will use his napkin so he can "grow his own Jim" for his little sister. Suffice it to say, Kaley proceeded to wipe Jim's brow with said napkin and kindly returned it to the man.

This is the brilliant stuff that occupied most of The Big Bang Theory panel. Aside from lots of Penny and Leonard scoop, and loads of laughter between the cast, we learned that once again, no love is in Sheldon's future. Chuck tells us that his mistress is and always will be science.

Do look for a return of Mama Sheldon in the premiere, as Laurie Metcalf reemerges to help her son with some post-Arctic stress. Bill tells us that instead of the guys killing Sheldon after his annoying North Pole antics, they figure out a way to deal with him and it has some consequences unseen. The result? "Sheldon's mom is back in the first episode when he goes through a crisis and needs mom again."

And what about Wolowitz? Simon Helberg will be back in all his glory, alongside bosom buddy Koothrappali, the wonderful Kunal Nayyar, but don't expect much to develop on either of those fronts.

Of Wolowitz, Chuck laughs: "I don't know why we'd change him. He's kind of terrific, isn't he?" Well, obvs! Simon did tell us that his Howard may or may not have spent some time in the North Pole igloo-hopping with the Inuit ladies.

We would expect nothing less.

One of the best moments of the panel may have been seeing all of the guys with full-grown beards. Not too long, as filming isn't yet underway, but Johnny, Simon and Kunal were all sporting facial hair galore as a nod to the Arctic trip they took in last season's finale.

They all looked great in their new decorations, but definitely don't get used to it. Johnny liked the look at first but tells us that it's way too hot in Los Angeles for that much facial coverage. And Kunal can't seem to grow it in slow enough, so it's all just more of a hassle to him. "My mustache grows in like two days. I've literally been shaving since I was 8," explained our Raj.

We could seriously go on and on for days with all of the goodness The Big Bang Theory gave us at the Con, but we'll save some stuff for later. Promise we won't make you wait too long!

Are you as stoked for the return of BBT on Sept. 21 as we are? Thoughts in the Lenny love? You know what to do!

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