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Jude Law

Ash Knotek/Snappers/ZUMApress.com

Did Jude Law really pop a female pap?

Well, technically, yes.

The actor was leaving a late-night dinner in London hosted by the director of The Dark Knight.

A pack of paps was waiting outside the restaurant for Jude and other stars still inside, such as Leo DiCaprio and Jay-Z.

If you check out the pics, you can see Jude clearly clocking a female photog in the back of the head.

But he says it was all an accident...

"Jude was blinded by the camera flashes when he left the restaurant, raised his hand to shield himself and inadvertently struck somebody standing very close," his lawyer told The Daily Mail. "He apologized and left."

The shutterbug seems to think it was intentional and is considering pressing charges.


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