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Evan Rachel Wood is close to finally snagging herself a Spider-Man.

Her singing and dancing Spidey, that is.

It was announced some time ago that Wood is going to play Mary Jane in Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, the upcoming Broadway musical directed by Julie Taymor with music by Bono and his U2 mate The Edge.

While no official announcement has been made about who has landed the coveted role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man, a show insider dropped some mighty big hints of who it's likely to be. Read on for the web-slinging details…

Spider-Man choreographer Daniel Ezralow describes the top candidate as the lead singer of a rock band who has "the right energy, the naiveté [and] the right innocence" to play the part.

Could it be singer Reeve Carney, frontman of a band called Carney? Buzz about him began back in March when he performed at a sneak peak of the show that Taymor and Bono hosted for the media. (Who is this Carney? Check out the band's official website here.)

"We've put a few people through a lot of auditions," Ezralow told us last night at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' TV Moves! 2 Live event. "They've come back numerous times to sing for Bono and Julie and to work with me, learning how to get in the harness and start flying and flipping through the air."

He continued, "We haven't made the final decision, but we're in the ninth hour."

Ezralow says expect Spider-Man to be a "Broadway and Cirque du Soleil hybrid."

If Taymor was able to make the Lion King musical into an international hit, we're sure she'll be able to do the same with the superhero.

—Reporting by Dahvi Shira


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