Nick Lachey

Hellmuth Dominguez,

Sounds like the single life is suiting Nick Lachey nicely.

Since his split with Vanessa Minnillo, Nick hasn't been giving any teary interviews or writing any angsty pop ballads like he did after his divorce from Jessica Simpson.

Instead, Nick's been hanging with the guys...and some lovely ladies to boot.

Last night, Nick got his party on at L.A.'s Madame Royale, where he snagged a table and drank beers with his boys.

But it wasn't long before some girls joined the group...

"At one point, he picked up five girls and they all snuck out the back door with him," a source tells E! News of Lachey's evening.

The ladies even jumped in his waiting SUV, presumably to continue the party elsewhere.

Now that Nick's back on the market and not drunk dialing Jessica, who should he date next?

Play matchmaker and sound off below.


Need to find some candidates for Nick? We've got lots of pretty people in our Big Pic gallery.

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