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Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman: Together Again

Jon Gosselin, Kate Major, Hailey Glassman

Saturday night, Jon Gosselin was photographed hanging out at Accademia di Vino with some new blonde that was neither Kate Gosselin nor Hailey Glassman.

She was later identified as Kate Major, a reporter from Star, and there was talk of her "flirting shamelessly with Jon."

No! It couldn't be, right? How could he leave his secret fiancée and all-around elegant 22-year-old lady? This new Kate character didn’t even have a scandalous Facebook ready for the Internet to mine for party photos or a story of getting kicked out of fat camp for sneaking Panda Express. In other words, she just wasn't good enough for our Jon.

And just like that, Jon and Hailey soothed our fears and reunited after a week apart for a lovely stroll through Harriman State Park in New York. They always know just what to do to keep us talking, sort of like another certain couple who shall not be named.

According to onlookers, the two were not shy about their love.

They held hands, hugged and kissed; Hailey picked a flower and placed it behind Jon's ear and they played on the swings.

How romantic, how beautiful. Just imagine if there had been no paparazzi to capture the love radiating from these two. The world would be a darker place, for sure.

As for the timeline of when the pair started dating, a source on J.Goss damage control swears to People that the devoted husband was "heartbroken, totally heartbroken" when Kate told him she was done with him, which actually "came out of the blue."

The two had been separated for a year prior to filing for divorce, according to the source, during which time Jon was not allowed to sleep in the couple's bedroom. That was when he started partying, but the dating stuff didn't begin until after the divorce papers were filed.

Nice try at demonizing Kate, source, but we all know they're both the worst.


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