Given that Drew Barrymore has spent most of her life on movie sets, it seems only natural that she'd be tempted to take a trip behind the camera for a change. Which is just what the actress did for Whip It, her directorial debut, opening Oct. 9. Sure, she's given herself a small part, but hey, you can do that when you're pulling the strings, right?

Anyway, looking at the film's trailer, we see Ellen Page playing Ellen Page Bliss, a Texas teen who inadvertently finds a way to rebel against her beauty-pageant-pushing mom when she discovers the rough-and-tumble world of roller derby. Then again, we'd be willing to risk a few bumps and bruises too if it meant the chance to hang out with the likes of Marcia Gay Harden, Kristen Wiig, Jimmy Fallon and Daniel Stern.

So, will you be strapping on your skates and gliding over to the multiplex for this one, or simply staying home with Kansas City Bomber


While we're on the subject of sports, look who's into America's favorite pastime in our Dodger Dawgs gallery!

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