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    What's Bothering Katherine Heigl Today?

    Katherine Heigl, InStyle Magazine David Slijper for InStyle Magazine

    There's always something annoying Katherine Heigl. Good thing she has an August In Style cover to let it all out.

    But before we get to what's bothering her this time, it's important to note she does take the Grey's Anatomy writers off her "on notice" list.

    "It was a great story to tell and satisfying for me on a million different levels," she says of the Izzie brain-cancer stuff. "This season I had an amazing story line. I am grateful to the writers."

    Those writers must be super-relieved. Now on to the next issue Katie would like to see resolved.

    It seems romantic comedies, the genre currently aiding Heigl in her quest of movie stardom, needs to step it up.

    Before sticking it to the genre, she starts with the compliments, acknowledging something good about her new movie, The Ugly Truth, "I know this is going to sound bad but I'm really glad it's an R. I didn't want to do another PG-13 movie."

    Then she elaborates about the nature of relationships: "You're probably going to drop the F-bomb once in a while. You're probably going to say some things that are kind of harsh. And you're definitely going to talk about sex. It doesn’t have to be so Snow White and Prince Charming. That's my problem with a lot of romantic comedies: Everyone spends so much time trying to make sure it's the fairytale because that's what the rating calls for."

    Now we're not entirely convinced that her new R-rated movie doesn't have a tidy fairy-tale ending given the trailer. And, in fact, her last "sexist" R-rated rom-com had a perfect happy ending, too, but whatever to things that make sense! What Katherine Heigl demands, Katherine Heigl gets, or she won't be submitting her name to any awards shows.

    So someone better get on writing her an R-rated romantic comedy with an unhappy ending that could end in an Oscar, and she'll send you one of these for your dining room (it will surely impress your guests): 

    Katherine Heigl, InStyle Magazine (inside) David Slijper for InStyle Magazine


    But enough of Heigl's fancy movie career, what's going on with Grey's Antamoy?! E!'s TV ladies at Watch With Kristin are taking care of that.