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American Idol's Scott MacIntyre Talks Kris Allen, Life on the Road & the Future

Scott MacIntyre, American Idol Ray Mickshaw / FOX

As the American Idols Live! Tour 2009 rolls on in its second week, the question on most fans' minds is this: What happened to Kris Allen's "No Boundaries?"

True: The American Idol coronation song (copenned by Idol judge Kara DioGuardi) was cut from the tour's set list last week. Not true: It wasn't because Kris didn't like the song.

We caught up with one of the touring Idols, Scott MacIntyre, this week to talk about that, life on the road, his plans for a book and more...

Everyone is buzzing about Kris Allen cutting "No Boundaries" from the set list. What can you tell us?
What I hear from the people here was that they could tell the audiences weren't connecting to it. When I listen from backstage, I thought it was a good song, and I thought Kris did it well, and it was even better than during the finale. He was really jiving with it, but it was an executive decision that he and the producers made based on the energy from the crowd. There are mixed emotions about that song because obviously it's still being pushed, so you kind of expect to hear it on the tour.

Are you able to work on your music for your upcoming CD on the road?
Not so much, but we have a few days off in Arizona, where I'm from, and I plan to get in the studio to work on it then. That's what I miss about home the most: writing and recording my own music because I'm in the middle of producing the CD that will be coming out in the fall.

What is the record label situation for you?
We are under contract with 19 through Aug. 20, so I can't sign anything until then. But I've received a lot of interest from, I can't mention who, but some major labels and a lot of publisher interest. But I have to wait. There's interest, but all it can be is talk. I'm putting myself in a position where once Aug. 20 hits, I will be ready and know who I'm signing with. I'm doing my best to make calls on the road and get stuff set up for when the time is right. If fans want to hear what I'm up to, I have some new music up on

Any other offers post-Idol?
I've been approached about writing a book. It's a pretty exciting publisher. It would be an inspirational book about dealing with my visual impairment, and other challenges in my life, which I only get to talk about a little bit in interviews. I feel like a book would really let me say what I want to say to people in an uncut way. I've received thousands of emails from fans telling me how the little bit of my story they've seen on the show has made an impact on their life. A book can go into that deeper. But the book could also be a fun account of my journey through Idol, or it can be a regular autobiography.

What's been the highlight of the tour so far?
It's fun to meet the fans. If I run out of time signing stuff, I run up and down the fences where the barricades are and they seem to enjoy that. It creates an exciting end to the evening. There are usually a few hundred people waiting for us every night.

Sign any weird stuff yet?
I've signed a moccasin, and lots of teddy bears. That's kind of weird, but cute at the same time. Lots of arms and wrists, too.

What's the guys' favorite thing to do on the tour bus?
We watch a lot of Family Guy on the bus. No fighting over the remote yet. It's been pretty calm. We just eat some subs or burgers on the bus after the show and chill out.

What's going on backstage?
There's a lot of improv going on in the dressing rooms. We just break out into song sometimes. We sing about whatever we want to sing out, random things.

One of our Watch With Kristin readers, Andrea, wrote in this question for you guys: "My friends and I were wondering if/where the Idols take a shower after each of their shows?"
It's funny. I thought I would be showering at the venues a lot more than I am, but we usually get a hotel room in every city so most people shower at the hotels.

We're catching up with the Idols at the L.A. tour stop this Thursday and talking to them one-by-one each week, so post your questions for them in the comments below.