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    Jon Gosselin: Girlfriend's Stoner Past

    Hailey Glassman, mugshot Monroe County Correctional Center

    So Jon Gosselin's new girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, has a mug shot. Who doesn't? (Well, a lot of people, actually, but that's not the point.)

    The 22-year-old beauty was arrested back in October 2005 when police officers spotted the college student passing a marijuana pipe with five of her friends. The case was dismissed, but we did get the souvenir to the left.

    And that's not all the Internet has quickly dug up on this new mystery lady.

    The rest is a cautionary tale for all you Facebookers out there. You just never know when you're going to be swept off your feet to the French Riviera by some shady Ed Hardy-clad reality TV star, leaving the Internet alone to rip apart the profile you thought was only for friends. Let's see what we got.

    There's this charming picture of her face in a planter. There's that pesky marijuana pipe again, but who can pay attention to that with so many hot guys around? This is her serious concerned face; it's what she looks like when Jon complains about Kate. And not one to shy away from her stoner past, we have her Facebook boxes, Twitter name and this questionable-looking cigar.

    However, our most favorite Hailey Glassman Facebook artifact would have to be her "in a relationship" update to which a friend quips: "is this one going to be on E! as well?" Yes, yes it is.

    Now let's revisit some people who do have mug shots. Maybe one day, Hailey will be as famous as some of them. A girl can dream.

    —Additional reporting by Lindsay Miller