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Levi Johnston Drops New Gossip on Sarah Palin

Levi Johnston is doing his best to make this famous person thing happen, and there's nothing like gossiping about Sarah Palin to get some attention.

The Alaskan dreamboat stopped by the Today show to shed some light on Palin’s recent resignation and try to catch a little bit of the spotlight for himself while he still can.

Johnston says Palin's on the verge of collecting all kinds of bank, which makes just being a governor seem kinda boring now. "After the campaign and things, we had tons of offers, from everybody out there; just all kinds of ridiculous things. There had been talk about, 'It'd be nice to just take the money and run,' " he told Ann Curry this morning.

According to young Levi, there's money in a possible reality show (although he says the kids want none of that) and there was the HarperCollins book deal ("I've heard anything from $7 million to $9 million," he confirmed this morning). And all that attention and fame during the election went to her head.

"Just being up there and running for vice president, it's totally different than governor,” he explained. "There's cameras every day, she had Secret Service...You name it. Seeing how she acted when it was all gone, I think it definitely got to her head."

Now obviously, Palin is not the only one after fame, so Curry asked him if he's just trying to extend his own 15 minutes—to which he replied, "Duh."

Actually "Duh" would have been a better, more succinct answer—his real one was: "I've had plenty of offers coming in to do movies or reality shows, you name it. I mean, that's definitely an option."

If Levi is really serious about becoming famous, he needs to go hang out with these guys—they would be an unstoppable team.


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