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Watch The Soup–It's Delicious!

Seriously, this is not just a big plug for our network. The Soup is...happiness.

It's no secret that we here at Watch With Kristin are a bit fanatical about good TV, and we tend to make our love of certain things widely known (think of Kristin's future husbands or Lost, etc.), so today we're here to hard-sell you on a show you doubt already aware of: E!'s The Soup.

Our obsession with The Soup is partly the result of our undying love of resident E! stud, Joel McHale, but it's also quite simply because of the greatness of what they're doing over there. And while we do happen to have inside knowledge of and/or the privilege of knowing the extremely hard-working people behind the scenes, we can only stress to you that that inside knowledge makes us think the show is that much more incredible.

So are you already an avid Soup watcher?

Do your Friday nights revolve around a hearty bowl of Chat Stew?

No? Then you are absolutely missing out on one of the best TV shows around. Read on to find out why you should watch and see some of what you've been missing!

(Note: Click the links throughout the story to watch videos that illustrate the show's hilarity!)

Joel McHale, Lou E! Networks

Our Say on Why You Should Watch The Soup

1. The Soup is genuinely brilliant! In fact, it's almost like a companion to WWK: We cover the good shows and share scoop on the ones that you should be watching, and they cover the bad ones, warning you away from the craptacularity, and therefore leaving room on your TiVo for the great television we recommend.

2. For the ladies, handsome Joel is usually joined on camera by sexy Soup players like Mankini and Matt the Intern (hot shirtless guys), while stay-at-home moms should be thanking the show for giving back to the community by reporting on some highly questionable children's programming on the What the Kids are Watching segment.

3. For the animal lover in us all, there's always a cute shot of Soup mascot Lou the Chihuahua just before Joel launches the Clip of the Week.

4. All of the celeb gossip hounds out there who are reading this should tune in to The Soup to see different guest stars. Countless celebs have recently realized just how much fun it is to play ridiculous parodies of themselves. Seth Green's visit was one of our faves last year, and The Hills' Stephanie Pratt fooled us all with her seemingly very real airheadedness. The Mad Men and Breaking Bad fellas stopped by, too. All very funny. We even make fun of our own, with Ryan Seacrest jokes in abundance and the Kardashians and Kendra Wilkinson stopping in to play along. Plus, Joel and the cast are as Lost-fiendish as we are, and they scored a hilarious guest spot by Charlie Pace himself, Dominic Monaghan. That's at least worth a few minutes of your time.

5. The Soup researchers work long and hard out those rare finds, like I Love Toy Trains (which for some reason has been given the Lost treatment, too). And that pursuit of excellence is more than you can say about certain VH1 clip shows...

The Soup Staffers Get Their Say on Why You Should Watch

Mankini, The Soup

Dominic "Mankini" DeLeo provides poignant reasoning, saying you should watch The Soup: "Because I will be completely topless. No mankini. Just me and my saucer sized nipples." Tempting offer.

Kelly, The Soup

Kelly Andrews, the voice of "So Meaty" and "It's Miley!," plays on one of the show's classic lines from the tween: "Because if you don't, 'It's a felony!' "

Matt, The Soup

Matt the "Greasy Treat" Intern tugs on our heartstrings, while making a pretty good point: "If you're already sitting at home on a Friday night, you might as well cook up some chicken tetrazzini, watch us, then cry yourself to sleep. I do." Excuse us, we're going to give the Greasy Treat a shoulder to cry on.

Tess, The Soup

Self-titled drunken writer/inebriated supervising producer/tipsy dancing maxi-pad/TMZ lush Tess Rafferty thinks honesty is the best approach: "People should watch the show because I have expensive taste in wine and need to keep working."

Lee Little Gay, The Soup

And of course, writer/supervising producer/Little Gay/Jewbacca/over-emotive hippie/all-around great guy Lee Farber sums it all up in classic Soup fashion: "If you watch the show, you not only get to laugh at hilarious TV moments, but you also get to see a six-and-a-half foot bully implode in a vacuum of his own celebrity and self-importance. It's really quite a sight."

So there you have it. Backed by a team of some of the best writers and producers in the business, Joel McHale and the The Soup have the ability to make you look forward to staying in and watching genuinely good Friday night TV, and hey, if you do go out happen to go out (what?!), at least you'll having something fabulous waiting for you on your DVR Saturday morning.

The Soup is on E!, Friday nights at 10 p.m. Watch it!

Joel McHale, The Soup

But Wait, There's More!

Already a fan? You are? Yay!

In that case, we should also tell you that The Soup is available in Internet form as well! Check E! Online's The Soup blog daily for many more clips and hilarious hijinks.

We also recommend the yummy Condensed Soup videos, which you can find all over E! Online. Enjoy!