•  Jon Gosselin (or, rather, his doppelganger) is just looking for someone to sit on the other side of his couch and not care that he possibly started the rumors about Kate Gosselin hooking up with that bodyguard.

•  Rihanna has (negative) feelings for Jamie Foxx.

•  Jerry Seinfeld "loves the creative process of making commercials." Right.

•  Lady Gaga is totally broke because she's spent every penny she's earned on those totally broke outfits she wears.

•  Keira Knightley is a hungry fairy princess.

•  Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld finally gives his Heidi Klum bashing a rest, but moves on to the equally adorable Amélie star Audrey Tautou.

•  Dear Orlando Bloom: As if we didn't already know, but you are one lucky dude. (Check out these hot shots of his GF Miranda Kerr.) Love, Rise 'n' Shine

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