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So You Think You Can Dance Choreographer Tyce Diorio Spills on Katie Holmes' Big Number

Katie Holmes Eric Brogmas/

Megaceleb Katie Holmes is guesting on So You Think You Can Dance in two weeks in support of the newly established Dizzy Feet Foundation. But how did the "Get Happy" performance come to be, and what inspired someone to ask alleged prisoner of Hollywood Katie Holmes to perform a classic song by alleged prisoner of Hollywood Judy Garland?

Well, we just spoke with SYTYCD judge Tyce Diorio about the number he choreographed for Katie, and he told us all about his true inspiration...

According to Tyce, the inspiration was as simple as a catchy tune appropriate to the times. He told us tonight after the show, "We were sitting and listening to music, Katie and I, and Judy Garland's 'Get Happy'? It's great—[and] what a perfect time to do something that's uplifting."

Still, says Tyce, it's not all about inspiration and positivity. He says the number is pretty darn intense, telling us, "It's not something in my opinion that's just, 'Oh, how nice.' It's not going to be that. 'Oh nice...oh good. Oh, that's good. Look how sweet that is.' No. It's real. It's as real as what you're seeing now [on the SYTYCD stage]. I'm very proud of it. I talk really highly of Katie. She is amazing."

Tyce and Katie go way back, he told us, but he just knew the time was right to do this performance: "I've just been with Katie for so long, I said yeah, you're ready. I can see the magic, I can see the truth and her talents. And she believes in herself, too."

Katie Holmes performs Tyce Diorio's "Get Happy" choreography on the 100th episode of So You Think You Can Dance, airing July 23 on Fox.