Sure, we've all, at one time or another, had visions repeat themselves in our minds while in a state of slumber. And apparently Beyoncé wanted to capture that experience while making this video for the song "Sweet Dreams."

How else to explain the fact that B decided to bring back the "strut-my-stuff-with-two-backup-dancers-mimicking-my-every-sexy-move" routine that she used in excess for "Single Ladies"? At least she did change it up a bit by making this one in color and throwing in some background images.

As for that silver metallic glove of hers? Yeah, that's gone. Although now it's been replaced by a Metropolis-inspired gold metallic bodysuit that kinda looks like something C-3PO would wear. If he had a bustline.

So is "Sweet Dreams" an eye-opener? Or does it simply put you to, well, you know?


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