•  On The Late Show last night, Harry Potter's Hermione, Emma Watson, schools all the other starlets on how to handle (and prepare for) a wardrobe malfunction, as well as how to ace a David Letterman interview.

•  Josh Lucas actually talks about Rachel McAdams! We would squee, but jabber about their shared environmentalism made us want to hit the snooze bar.

•  The Jonas Brothers take a 24-hour break from music to try to do our jobs. Whatevs. How would they like it if we did that to them?

•  Our sympathies to Ozzy Osbourne. Don't you just hate it when your dog gets gobbled up by a coyote?

•  This hasn't happened in a while—Kelly Clarkson looks great!

•  Who's your grandma?!

•  Dear David Beckham: Thanks for sharing intimate details of your bromance with Tom Cruise. We love bromances! Love, Rise 'n' Shine

Wow, check out all of TV's Sham Yankees! Who knew?