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Would You Like to Write the Lost Theme Song?

Lost, Josh Holloway ABC

Oh, Lost bosses, you are awesome. Despite being part of a giant conglomutainment empire, you have always recognized and harnessed the power of fandom, and for that we both salute and embrace you.

The latest development in the ongoing romance between Lost's producers and the tens of millions of devoted Lost fans is going to be a love song. Or at least a song.

So, what's going on, and how can you participate? Here's the deal:

The Lost producers want all you musicians out there to compose and submit a Lost theme song. The winning entry will be premiered to 7,000 screaming fans in Hall H during Lost's Saturday panel at San Diego Comic-Con, on the fifth anniversary together of our time together as show and fandom.

As any Lost watcher knows, Lost doesn't have a theme song, just an eerily floating title against a black background, but that has never discouraged creative fans from making their own Lost credits sequences (be they mashed up with other TV themes or experimental and season-centric). Still, creating an original theme is a step beyond, and for that we say bravo!

If you're interested in sharing your musical stylings, check out the contest introduction, official rules and release form.

(Psst...ABC, after we do this, can we please, please do a Lost season-six promo video contest? The Lost Video Island viddo kiddos have been practicing for that for years!)


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And be sure to share this item with any Lost-fan musician friends. We've got to get the best of the best on this project!