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Everybody Needs to Start Watching Sons of Anarchy

You know who has fantastic frakking taste in television? Me, myself, I, Jennifer Godwin. Therefore, when I tell you that my second-favorite show on all of TV after Lost is Sons of Anarchy, you should take that business seriously. Anyway, I know this is not my personal blog where I can post TV whateverness willy-nilly, but my extreme passion for SOA overwhelms whatever responsible sensibilities I might pretend have, so this brand spanking new SOA promo is going up, if for no other reason than that new SOA footage is one of the few joyful goings-on in TV-land right now.

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Check out this post I wrote last year when SOA premiered to get my full thoughts how SOA is all mythical and fabulous, but the short updated version is below:

Why should you watch? Because, well, last season when Dutch from The Shield came to Stars Hollow to further stalk/terrorize/rape his ex-girlfriend Rachel Menken Katz from Mad Men, her soulmate Charlie Hunnam (hotness personified, complete with six-pack abs) shot the creeptastic jerk point-blank in the head. Once Maggie Siff (raven-haired temptress personified) and Charlie got over the mild shock of having murdered someone, they got naked and screwed each other silly in full view of the dead body to the tune of Andy Williams' "Can't Get Used to Losing You" and it was just one of the most demented and delightful scenes you could ever hope to see.

Not into sex and violence? Haha. OK, let's pretend for a second that sex and violence aren't the best things ever and discuss what else is in Sons of Anarchy. There's cult faves Tommy Flanagan, Kim Coates and Ron Perlman being hilarious mofos; Peg Bundy/Leela from Futurama doing a mindblowing rendition of conniving Lady Macbeth that would be perfectly at home on the stage at the Royal Shakespeare Company; Ryan Hurst making your ass cry; Arthurian legend getting the best reboot it has had in ages (brotherhood in the midst of brutal war that recalls the best of Braveheart and political machinations that would slot perfectly into The West Wing); and all sorts of other wonderful nonsense like Elvis, guard dogs on meth, full-body tattoos, leather, motorcycles, fireworks and families.

The promo above depicts Jax's (Charlie H.) coming war with his stepfather Clay, who's the king of their self-contained Harley-mafia universe. Backstory: Clay's been too evil for too long. The corruption has eaten away at his soul like rust eats away at cast iron, and Clay no longer has the (structural) integrity to support the club and the family that he allegedly leads. Jax, on the other hand, is not only the heir-apparent son of the assassinated true king, but his people's genuine moral leader slash tactically brilliant field marshal. Jax, who came into his own because of a bunch of stuff that happened in season one, is now gunning for Clay, not least because Clay killed a whole mess of people Jax loves, including [spoilers redacted so you can enjoy season one to the fullest, if you haven't seen it yet], and the civil war between Faction Jax and Faction Clay is going to be ridic. Ridic.

Honestly, Sons of Anarchy one of the best written and most admirably produced contemporary legends I've ever seen and when it returns Sept. 8 you should watch it, goddamnit. The season-one DVDs are out on Aug. 18 and if you know what's good for you, you will put them in your Netflix queue right now.

Rant over.

Love, luck and lollipops,