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Pitch a Fix: Heroes Needs Your Help

Heroes Adam Taylor/NBC

Yesterday we asked you to weigh in on fixes for 90210, and today we turn to Heroes. We've read your comments, emails and tweets, and we see that many of you are frustrated about the direction the show has gone. Why are Heroes' once-beloved supers in trouble, and what can be done about it? Here's what we've heard from you, the fans:

"I just can't take it anymore. Heroes' number-one issue in my opinion is that the writers don't follow the rules they establish. We can't trust anything because they change the rules to suit their stupid ideas each week. Examples of rule-breaking: (1) Peter was always my favorite from the beginning and they destroyed his character by changing the way his powers worked. Stupid. (2) The idea in the beginning was him against Sylar, epic titans. They screwed that up. (3) In volume two or whatever, let's heal Nathan with Claire's blood and resurrect Noah. But in volume four, let's just let Nathan die instead of resurrecting him and keep Sylar around again. Gosh darnit, kill the mofo already! I am so sick of this character: He is so boring! 'Will he become good? Will he change? No, let's change his powers too...' And I loved season one... so sad... —WWK commenter

"I really, really I want a permanent death. When Edie died in the first season it was traumatic. I mean she was cool, her story was cool, but the fact that they've kept her dead is awesome. There are so many plot holes now it's ridiculous. Where is Caitlin? Why didn't they use Claire's blood to bring back Nathan? Was there really a Jessica? (Making the triplets quads.) I also want them stop taking and giving powers. Enough!" WWK commenter

"Well, that was yet another terrible Heroes finale. That's it. I'm done. I stuck through it hoping to see if it would get better with Bryan Fuller on board, but even he can't save a sinking, profoundly idiotic ship. This show will go down as one of the biggest missed opportunities of all time. They had the makings of a good show in the first season and they threw it all away in disastrous fashion." —WWK commenter

OK, so you're not happy with the current direction of the series. What would you do differently? Which characters and storylines would you swap out? What's your fix?

Kristen Bell, Zachary Quinto Eric Charbonneau/

Heroes: The Zach & Kristen Show

Here's one pitch for a total Heroes reset. We are transcribing a printout that we found blowing in the wind down on Wilshire. We have no idea where it came from.

1. Kill everyone but Zachary Quinto's Sylar and Jack Coleman's H.R.G. (Apologies to the rest of the excellent cast. You'll get other, better jobs soon, we have no doubt.)

2. Going forward, use only Sylar and H.R.G.'s given names of Gabriel Gray and Noah Bennet, in order to detach their characters from the existing bankrupt mythology.

3. Take Peter's original power of being able to absorb (sans brain-slicing) other powers and give it to Gabriel, but with the following caveats: Gabriel can only absorb powers intentionally, and every time he does that, he automatically loses an existing power, but he doesn't know which power he will lose until it's gone.

4. Resurrect Kristen Bell's electric Elle.

5. Get Gabriel and Elle together as a superpowered Bonnie and Clyde, running from the law (in the form of Noah Bennet) and trying to redeem themselves. They can brood beautifully about their past misdeeds and try to create a functional relationship while moving from town to town using their powers to help the helpess. Meanwhile, Jack Coleman's Noah gets the thankless but essential job of hunting them down and trying to destroy their fragile relationship.

Think that's lame? Think you can do better? Got a thought or two about what's gone wrong with Heroes? Share your thoughts in the comments. We'll collect the best of the best in a future post.

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