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    Defending Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson Pool Photographer/Getty Images

    Though many people out there would love to only remember Michael Jackson as a music legend and nothing else, the King of Pop's less-than-glowing behavior throughout his life is bound to bubble to the surface at some point, whether dearly devoted fans like it or not.

    With respect to the Jackson family, it's well-known that Michael led a troubled life and wound up in and out of court again and again. Does having undeniable talent totally negate allegedly committing horrible crimes? Unfortunately, sometimes it does in Hollywood.

    We talked to a key figure in Jackson's defense from his last trial and asked him point-blank: Did you ever look at him head-on and ask if he really, truly molested those children?

    "I did ask," the M.J. player told us. And you'll be surprised what M.J. told him back:

    "He insisted that he did not."

    There you go. Whatever crimes Michael may or may not have committed in his life, he honestly believed he didn't do anything wrong. Just remember, though, this is the same man who believed all the heavy drugs he was putting into his body were simply "medicine" to make him feel better. There are a lot of things Jackson didn't fully understand about his actions—or their consequences.

    Like purchasing the bizarre—and just plain creepy—wax figures of children that filled up the hallways and rooms of his home. A close M.J. amigo, who had a private tour of Jackson's belongings before the public exhibition for the never-happened Julien's auction, tells us how extraordinarily uncomfortable it all was to take in.

    Or how about the life-size red throne, adorned with gold thunderbolts, sitting grandly in the King of Pop's bedroom?

    How many real children must've sat in that throne back in the day, believing they were royalty while playing house with the most famous man on earth? And yet he never thought twice about how strange any of this must seem to other people?