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    One Moon-Glow Blind Vice

    Blind Vice

    Nevis Divine, that crafty, good-looking charmer of a stud, is at it again. He had a falling-out with one of his former costars (because he, well, just can't help from engaging in a certain amount of ungentlemanly behavior, once in a while), and obviously, nobody warned N.D.'s latest costar that Neddy boy likes to play. A lot.

    First, let's get something straight: Miss Costar, a sexy-enough thing who's becoming famous, I suppose (in her own way), thought she really had something going with N.D., even though nothing ever really went down between them. But you know how clingy actresses can get, right? This look means that, and that look means this, she thought, and so on.

    But then, when Missy intercepted a text from Nevis to another gal they both knew, well, that's when...

    All hell broke out on the set of the movie they're shooting, but only their personal handlers are aware—at this point. For now, both Nevis, whose skin his ladyloves like to say has a "moon glow" to it, and Miss Costar are keeping their rift from most of the other cast and crew.

    Jeez, why didn't somebody warn Missy Costar that Nevis isn't really good for the long haul anyway (with two major exceptions) and that texting other gals while he's supposedly seeing another is the least of his manly wanderings. Yep, of course, as usual, like most of the good studs these days, Mr. D likes to keep his boy side on from time to time. Just not lately.

    But one thing's for sure: N.D. sure as hell isn't giving up that inclination for Miss Costar, much to the latter's extreme and revolting dissatisfaction.

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