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Pitch a Fix: 90210 Needs Your Help

90210, Shenae Grimes, Jessica Lowndes, Michael Steger, AnnaLynn McCord Michael Desmond/The CW

We've received your emails, comments and tweets complaining about how certain shows are not living up to their potential. Because it's the holiday weekend, and because you fans are very adamant about wanting to change these particular shows, we're giving you a chance to sound off on what you would change about the CW's 90210. (Look for another Pitch a Fix post later this weekend.)

So, what exactly do you fans say is wrong with 90210, and what can be done to fix it? Here's what you've told us so far:

Cast Questions
Some fans still believe the fresh faces featured on 90210 aren't living up to their potential.

What's up with this Trevor Donovan they cast as Teddy on 90210? Is it just me or does he look like he could be the kids' dad rather than a fellow classmate? —Gia in Golden, Colo.

    Fair point. Which younger male star would you have cast as 90210's new "It" boy? Or do you think they should just give Matt Lanter a chance to make his mark as Liam?

    I ask all 90210 fans to help recast the show. I would like to see Zac Efron instead of Tristan Wilds. I want to see Smallville's Laura Vandervoort as an AnnaLynne McCord replacement. Willa Holland would be an excellent acquisition for 90210, so let go of Shenae Grimes. —Sayra in Los Angeles

    Do you think Sayra hit the nail on the head, or do you have better suggestions for these roles?

    And then there's the Shenae Grimes factor. We're going to show both sides of the argument and let you decide whether the show should change up the actress or the character (or neither or both).

    It's the Actress: Get rid of Shenae Grimes. She destroys this whole show. Sometimes I'm sitting in front of my TV ashamed because of her terrible overacting. —WWK commenter T

    It's the Character: I know the girl who plays Annie is hated, but come on, she is young and is an OK actress. It's not her, it's her character they need to fix. Lately she has been a loser. She needs a good storyline and then she'll be liked. —WWK commenter Mike

    Where do you stand on the issue of Annie Wilson, and indeed on the entire Wilson family? Are they worthy of their predecessors the Walshes or do you want to see something more from them?

    Storyline Struggles?
    How can 90210 set itself apart from the many teen shows that have come before it?

    Is it just me, or does 90210 steal all their storylines from One Tree Hill? I mean, Ethan's first was Naomi's older sister—Nathan's first was Haley's older sister. Adriana and Navid getting married at 16—Nathan and Haley getting married at 16. Where's the originality? —Louise in Los Angeles

      With 90210 striving to stay edgy, which original new storylines do you want to see in season two?

      Dustin Milligan, 90210 CW

      As an old 90210-er, I remember the exact picture in TV Guide with the headline "Tonight, they lose one of their own." The one who died was that idiot Scott, David's loser friend who was in all of like eight episodes (if that). I guarantee the "death" is some random person like Rhonda. —WWK commenter "Keep"

        Ah, the big death question. Some say it's Dixon who is dying, others believe it's Ethan. Is there anyone they could or should kill off that would really make an impact on the show and your willingness to watch?

          Everything Else

          Crossovers: Since 90210 is about sexy rich people in Los Angeles and Gossip Girl is about sexy rich people in New York City, would you like to see characters from either show cross coasts? For that matter, how would you set up a crossover between 90210 and the new Melrose Place?

          The Jessicas: Both Jessica Lowndes and Jessica Stroup were standouts of the first season. How can the producers bring them to the forefront in season two?

          West Bev Alums: We've seen Donna Martin, Kelly Taylor and Brenda Walsh return. Who else is still on your wish list?

            The comments section is now yours for the taking. Weigh in on the issues above and anything else we missed, and we'll feature the best comments and suggestions in a future post!

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