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    Source: More Michael Jackson Drug Use Uncovered

    Michael Jackson Kevin Mazur/AEG via Getty Images

    Sadly, we've uncovered even more tragic inside information about how Michael Jackson's drug use may have heavily contributed to his passing.

    A reliable and close Jackson medical source tells us that M.J. would visit his myriad doctors for tiny (mostly minor superficial) procedures—not even overnight observance kind of stuff—on a regular basis. Very much like a hypochondriac, tho we doubt Michael was just making up ailments out of thin air.

    But Jackson wasn't treated like other patients. He was way, way overtreated, and then some, on some serious stuff:

    Jackson would almost always be put on a Demerol drip, regardless of how small the procedure, these medical sources who were present for the IV usage insist to us.

    This wasn't major surgery, and trust us, we've had some of the same nonserious procedures as M.J. would often go in for. And not once have we ever been given, or even offered, a Demerol drip—or even friggin' offered a painkiller of any kind!

    Was Michael just in that much pain from his other injuries? Did he demand the habit-forming drug but the doctors didn't know how to say no to the most famously eccentric man in the world? Or were there ulterior motives from downright wrongdoing doctors Jackson unfortunately let care for him?

    We've already heard that Michael didn't think of drugs as actual drugs, but as "medicine." It's possible M.J. had no clue what he was really putting in his body, but what are the doctors' excuses?