Friend of Chris Brown: "He's Sorry"

    Chris Brown Damian Dovarganes-Pool/Getty Images

    Too little too late, Chris Brown? You decide. We ran into the gorgeous and gracious Teairra Mari at the BET Awards on Sunday and had to chat up the babe about her notorious close bud Chris B. The two singers were up-and-comers around the same time, so we wanted to know if Teairra has had the chance to talk to Brown about the horrendous Rihanna attack and see what the hell is really going on with the handsome, cocky musician.

    "He's sorry," Teairra tells the A.T. "That's my friend, and I love Chris. He's a good kid—he just made a mistake. He knows that and feels terrible about it."

    Sure, but how are his fans going to know he's actually sorry and be able forgive him?

    "I think [Chris] needs to talk about everything on his new album. He needs to make that album very personal and just address the situation. I've told him that, and I think he'll do it."

    So will he address the situation sooner than that, we wonder?

    "I just know Chris will, in an honest way, when he's ready."

    Look, we can forgive and maybe forget. And we understand that musicians consider their art to be the most honest outlet they have, but if Chris stands a chance at redeeming himself and his career, he's going to need to talk about last February a helluva lot sooner than some unknown release date, and not hide behind Usher-like melodies.

    We need some Diane Sawyer sit-down with real questions and answers—not to mention some heavyass apologies.

    In fact, we suggest Chris and Rihanna need to talk, and not just because of our curiosity, but because ignoring the situation shows abused women out there that that type of behavior is condoned and gotten away with.



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