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    Britney Spears' Twitter Hacked But She's A-OK

    Britney Spears Twitter Page

    Let's just make something clear: Britney Spears is alive and well. So are Ellen DeGeneres and Sean "Diddy" Combs.

    Apparently, the pop star and the comedienne's TwitPic accounts were hacked over the weekend. TwitPic is a web-based messaging system that allows Twitter users to post pictures. It is not, however, owned by Twitter.

    The total twit perpetrator must have thought it would be funny to add these celebs' names to the frighteningly growing list of deaths over the past week.

    "Britney has passed today," one of the messages said. "It is a sad day for everyone. More news to come."

    Thankfully, Brit-Brit joins Harrison Ford and Jeff Goldblum among the stars whose fake death notices spread throughout the Internet this week.

    "Britney’s Twitter was just hacked," her current message reads. "The last message is obviously not true. She is fine and dandy spending a quiet day at home relaxing."


    Diddy, DeGeneres and Spears have all since deleted the photos and messages alleging their deaths.

    This isn't Spears' first run-in with a Twitter hacker. The Circus star's account was violated in January, along with handles for Barack Obama and Fox News. And, just two weeks ago, Lindsay Lohan claimed comments about Justin Timberlake at a club appeared courtesy of a hacker.

    Thankfully, things are a bit more copacetic elsewhere in the Twitterverse…

    • John Mayer admires Jay-Z so much, he goes off on a three-tweet rant about wanting to move (and then not wanting to move), playing backup and comparing their tracks. "Jay-Z is so good he makes me want to pack and move back to NYC tomorrow. Er, actually, maybe when the 'hot wet garbage' months have passed. I'm ready to play that guitar part to D.O.A. anytime he needs me. I love how Jay-Z and I both go to the same place to do our deep thinking in music videos. Check out 'Waiting on The World...' vs. 'D.O.A.'"

    • Courtney Love is sharing her thoughts on some sort of scary skin-care contraption. "Dermaroller is the new hot insane medeival torture device Angelina i hear did to her skin at Cannes," she says. When people aren't really making sense of her comments about it, she gets defensive. "Hey, my tweets made TONS of sense to skin care fiends. 'The Dermoroller' is a macabre roller with little needles you roll on your face; Bloody!"

    • Lindsay Lohan really has gotten wiser in her old age. "Note to all: FRIENDS DON'T LET FRIENDS DRINK AND DRIVE."

    And Dita Von Teese never ceases to amaze us with her (actual) wisdom. "Adele was fantastic at the Hollywood Bowl. Wish Ms. Winehouse could pull it together and have her hollywood moment too, for us and for her." We second this.

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