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    One Tweet-Deceiver Bonus Blind Vice!

    Blind Vice

    Celebs aren't exactly known to be truth tellers—Toothy Tile continuously lying to himself and every ridiculous excuse Lindsay Lohan's made to get out of pretty much anything are proof enough of that. But Melinda Miscreant is another story. Dame's fibbing 'bout her own flesh 'n' blood, incredibly tacky.

    Mel, who somehow still gets TV work despite peaking years ago, is as guilty of desiring followers on her Twitter page as every other Kutcher-like celeb with an online presence.

    But that's not the truly heinous part. The despicable side of M.M.'s Internet persona is that she's totally painting a prettier pic of her motherly abilities, and the ones who are totally paying for it are her kids:

    M.M. has gotten on enough people's nerves in her recent attention-seeking antics that she's doing whatever she can do to get her former fans to like her again. Instead of her sexuality (hasn't worked in a while), she's focusing on winning Mother of the Year—without really working for it.

    Mel is known to tweet that she's at the park with her kids, when in actuality, she's really she's off tanning! So say totally tight M.M. sources who are with the babe while she deceptweets right in front of 'em! She'll totally update her status to say she's with her kids at, say, an ice cream parlor, when really she's at the spa, sans offspring. We're surprised she's putting this much effort into faux-mothering her kids instead of just schlepping them outside for a photo op. At least then your kids would actually see ya sometime.

    And we thought the kids' father was the badly behaving one. Hardly. Certainly he has his own parenting problems, but at least he barely tweets a thing, let alone lies.

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