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Lambert's Old Label: Indie Album a "Fantastic Representation of Adam"

Adam Lambert, American Idol Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Hi Fi Recordings is getting no love from Adam Lambert, but the indie label can't stop gushing about On With the Show, an upcoming album featuring 11 songs sung and/or cowritten by the "superstar artist."

Lambert maintains that his debut album for American Idol-affiliated 19 Recordings/RCA, which he's working on with Lady Gaga producer RedOne and former Evanescence keyboardist Dave Hodges, will be the public's first chance to hear what his music "really sounds like."

Meanwhile, Hi Fi insists that On With the Show is a "fantastic representation of who Adam is and what inspired him during the months before he became famous."

The record company also insists that, despite what Lambert said about only lending his vocals to the tracks, the 27-year-old rocker co-penned eight of the songs with guitarist Monte Pittman.

"As cowriter and performer, Adam will receive significant royalties just as any superstar artist would," Hi Fi said in a statement. "He has the chance, finally, to make a fortune for his work—definitely more with this album than through a major label deal."

Simon Fuller and Co. would probably beg to differ, but the Idol creator's entertainment conglomerate has not officially commented on the "other" Lambert album.

"We intend to see that Adam will still benefit from the success of [the single] 'Want' (on iTunes now), and from the sale of On With The Show," Hi Fi concluded, "even though he is now part of a major franchise that only wants fans to hear the music Adam records for them."

Is "Want" all it's cracked up to be, or are you ready to get on with the major-label show?


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