NYC Prep

Virginia Sherwood/BRAVO

Spotted: A new set of Upper East Siders taking over the town.

A group of six teens are being followed through their catered meals, endless shopping trips and not-so-sly uses of fake I.D.'s on the new Bravo reality show NYC Prep. If you thought the overprivileged brats on Gossip Girl were trouble, these minisocialites bring the term spoiled to a whole new level. Of course, that doesn't mean we won't keep watching.

Here's your chance to sound off on the new kids and tell us what you think. To Save or to Sink, that is the question. After the poll, hit the comments with your thoughts on the following topics: Are you rooting for Chuck Bass PC to come to his senses and go for Blair Waldorf Jessie? Do you think Jenny Humphrey Taylor can ever fit in with the private-school kids? And why is there an equivalent to Nate Archibald (aka Sebastian) but no Dan Humphrey? Do you even care?

Save It or Sink It Poll, June 23
NYC Prep
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