Eva Mendes, Jamie Dornan, CK Ad

Calvin Klein

Eva Mendes returns for more Calvin Klein Underwear ads.

She's looking pretty tired, sweaty and overheated maybe from having to play Beckhams for the fall campaign. Posing nearly naked in compromising positions is not as easy as you might think.

Typically, Posh and Becks are the only ones brave enough to take on such a challenge, so it's nice to see someone else take it all off and try it out...

In the role of David is a model named Jamie Dornan, who does an adequate job despite lacking tattoos. As for Eva's Posh, she doesn't quite nail the sexy fembot vibe but still looks hot, so it's a win.

Check out the real Beckhams and other famous people showing off how awesome they look naked in our Celeb Underwear Ads gallery.

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