Summit Scrambling to Save Face After Pattz Attack?

    After Rob's fan attack in NYC the other day, all eyes are on studio execs as to how they are going to beef up security for probably the world's most famous star right now.

    Seriously, the easy access to Robert Pattinson was pretty shocking. No wonder he and Kristen keep their personal lives quiet. Twi fans can get a little nuts!

    So is Summit going to do something about it? We've only been waiting almost 24 friggin' hours to find out!

    You bet they're concerned, but so far, execs aren't officially saying how much. "They've certainly taken note," an inside source at Summit blabs regarding yesterday's shocker, when a fan accosted R.Pattz on his way to filming. And Summit suits are in only a semi hurry right now to figure out exactly what that next step is going to be.

    "Security yesterday was addressed," Deep Summit tells us. "We may hear more any minute about how it's being increased. Or we may not. We're waiting."

    On what? For darling Rob to get hurt next time? Sheesh. This sounds pretty worrisome to us. And others:

    "There's not even close to enough security over in New York for [Rob]," dishes a high-up studio exec and fellow concerned Pattz lover, as well.

    But this is serious folks. There are so many crazy Rob-sessed fans out there, that it not only has Mr. Pattinson himself worried, but Summit, too. Privately, for now. After all, Robert is essentially the face of Twilight and therefore the big Summit moneymaker. Nobody there wants to see his pretty little face get hurt. Nor do we!

    Maybe that's why Kristen was so sad. Rob may be the big stalking target, but the whole New Moon cast is starting to get nervously antsy with their fame rising. And we don't blame 'em.

    —Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder 


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