Chaz Bono, Jennifer Elia

Chaz Bono isn't letting some extra attention get in the way of living his life. Chaz stepped out yesterday with his hottie GF, Jennifer, and soaked up congrats on the sex change from everyone around him. Jeez, with all this newfound buzz surrounding Bono, you'd think there'd be tons of interest in a reality show about Cher's daughter becoming her son. Like the type we told ya about when we first broke the news that C.B. was switching sexes. But alas, there's not a desire for a show at all, asserts C.B.'s reps. Of course, we hear otherwise.

So what's the real reason there's currently no announced Chaz Bono reality show?

Despite Chaz's famous family connection and fascinating operation, no one was interested in televising it, at first. According to impeccable TV sources, Chaz and his team, including mama Cher, were pitching the sex-change show to the big networks, as opposed to a niche cable network like TLC that prolly woulda snatched it up to run between Jon & Kate marathons. They were hoping for a big get. But there weren't too many bites, it seems, for Chaz's story.

One TV exec told us their reason for passing was because they couldn't "make 100 episodes out of one operation." But as far as the others? Could it be Chaz wasn't famous enough, despite his A-list mom? Or is the sex-change story way too out-there for prime-time audiences? We're thinking a little bit of both, honestly.

Chaz's rep clearly doesn't want public perception of his client to be that no one wanted to tune in to such a story and still denies there ever was a show shopped around. He also isn't commenting on when the operation will take place, or anything else for that matter—they're only releasing information through TMZ, which is as fabulously tabloid as you can get. We hear the whole team is next hoping for a Barbara Walters-type interview. Class-ay.

The View, TMZ, the Awful Truth...It's all the same media melting pot these days, right? 

All in all, congrats, C.B.! We super love men here at the A.T., if ya haven't figured that one out already.

Additional reporting by Becky Bain

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