Not Just Robsten—"It's the Whole Cast!"

    Twilight,  Robert Pattinson, Cam Gigandet, Taylor Lautner,  Kristen Stewart Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

    You thought Robsten's relationship status was the only worry on Summit's mind? No friggin' way! "It's the whole damn cast!" claims our Twi insider to us exclusively, referring to all the sexploits going in Vancouver, Italy and all over the rest of the world the movie company's schlepping these lucky kids to film and promote the vamp flicks.

    Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are just the tip of the naughty iceberg—we're assured. Summit's become a damn babysitter, of sorts, for these hot, horny babes who can't keep their hands off of one another. Yum-o!

    Twilight hormones, we're told, are a bit out of control. So much so that Summit's worried they won't be able to contain the cast together in any sort of professional manner for much longer…

    That's why Summit's "cranking them out as fast as they can" and "shooting [all the sequels] "back-to-back," continues our insider. The point being, 'course, to avoid some major blowout between castmembers that might conceivably "jeopardize" or bust the whole damn franchise up.

    Uh, what kind, exactly?

    A hookup and breakup, a cheating scandal, a pregnancy—anything that could delay shooting, leave the flicks with a bad taste in fans' mouths, or ef up production entirely, we're advised by our Deep Twi sources.

    Like we didn't see this one coming!

    Actors are dramatic enough already, and with all young, hot things acting all angsty and riled up in supercold locations, they're of course gonna keep warm with each other! Right? The New Moon set is no more better chaperoned than a high school prom.

    Actually, it's much worse.

    And we couldn't be any more ecstatic about this fact. Just play safe, you kids! And leave Dakota Fanning out of it, girl's still only 15 years old! Then again, Miley Cyrus was exposing her naked back to the world at that age—they grow up so fast, don't they?

    —Additional reporting by Becky Bain