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Emily Deschanel Says a Bones-Booth Pregnancy Unlikely Next Season

Emily Deschanel, Monte Carlo TV Fest Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

We was robbed.

Not only did Bones and Booth not have baby-making sex on Bones last season, they probably aren't going to creating a li'l Brennan anytime soon. Bones star Emily Deschanel says it's unlikely her character will become pregnant in the upcoming season.

"There are complications along the way of [Temperance and Booth] discussing having children," Emily explained during an appearance at the 49th Annual Monte Carlo Television Festival in Monaco. "I think it's very possible she will be pregnant in the future, but I don't think its going to happen right away. I think she has some growing to do.

"Everyone is aware that once you get the two characters together you lose that glue that holds the show together, which is that sexual tension," she said. "I think they are being very careful about how to move forward without destroying that tension."

Emily also revealed part of season five's guest-star lineup, which includes a very famous lady rock star…

Apparently performer Cyndi Lauper will be stopping by next year. Emily said: "I don't think [Cyndi] will be playing herself, but I'm not sure what role she'll play. They're debating it now. I sang 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun' in one episode. She saw it and was interested in being in the show. She was an idol from when I was a child, so I will probably be beside myself that day."

Stephen Fry will also be back, and it's still true that Emily's sis Zooey Deschanel may stop by the Bones set one of these days. (FYI, Emily's cinematographer father, Caleb Deschanel, has directed a Bones episode, and her mother, Mary Jo Deschanel, an actress, guested on House last season as Kutner's mourning mother.)

Zooey Deschanel George Pimentel/Getty Images

Emily said of the possible sister act: "[Zooey] is interested in being on the show, and I know [Bones executive producer] Hart Hanson would love to have her on the show. It's just a matter of finding time where she's available. It's very difficult because she's always working as an actor or touring as a musician or recording. She's very busy. So just getting the time together to get her to work on Bones has been difficult, but hopefully by the end we will have her on the show."

Have you dreamed up any good roles for Zooey and Cyndi Lauper to play if and when they are signed on for guest gigs? And how are you feeling about Bones right now after the switcheroo finale?

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