Megan Fox's Twitter Page

Yeah, Megan Fox didn't actually write, "Hi, I'm Megan. I'm really cute with this overly awesome personality. Ps: I'm the most awesome-ist Twitterer of the world. -LaWhatever." Her Transformers costar Shia LaBeouf did…or so she says. "Shia f--king totally just sent that text to all of you. Damn him." He also has a tendency to impersonate her and, apparently, kiss her. But apparently, that part is not for reals. "Don't take my new default picture the wrong way. i love that kid, but not like that."

• Eliza Dushku, we're really not comfortable answering this question for you. "Whatdoyou call an all-night-semi-crackhead-sally-sorta-seedy-strangulation-sexy-scene[?]"

We actually feel the opposite of Katy Perry. We typically go for doughnuts, but maybe not when aging metalheads hand them to us. "Typically I don't accept Krispy Kremes...But when Alice Cooper offers you a fresh just put it in your mouth."

We're glad Kelis has her HBO, but we'll be keeping a safe distance for a while. "I'm very excited about the return of True Blood, its like the book I'm crazy about, fledgling. Makes u wanna go around and bite people. So sexy."

Big pat on the back for Eddie Izzard! Way to go! "Ran my first Marathon! Just ran from Picadilly Circus to the Riverside Brasserie in Bray, past Windsor. 26 miles! Now drinking champagne."

Josh Groban is such a tease! "Off to record a duet with one of my favorite artists...I'll see if I can tell you who it is later!"

We promise we only tease on Twitter every once in a while. Follow us @eonline!

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