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In Plain Sight: Is Laura Prepon Mary's Sister?

Mary McCormack (In Plain Sight), Laura Prepon (October Road) Justin Stephens/USA Network, ABC/Bob D'Amico

Could October Road's Laura Prepon be Mary's (Mary McCormack) long-lost half sister, or does that sound just too fishy to be true?

The cast of In Plain Sight gathered at the Los Angeles Times' Envelope Emmy screening series last night to talk about the emotional turn the show has taken—including the entrance of a possible new family member—and how the finale leaves Mary trying to pick of the pieces of a "catastrophic" event.

Get all the details on how Prepon's Lauren may cause one of the Shannon sisters to end up in the slammer. Plus, Mary teased who she may finally be settling down with.

There's Something About Mary's "Half Sister": Laura Prepon is introduced as Lauren in Sunday's new episode, showing up with a letter from Mary's father that points the way to her new family. However, in the following episode, Lauren has disappeared, and Brandi is finally arrested for her involvement with her drug-dealer boyfriend, Chuck, raising suspicions that Lauren joined the family to get dirt on Brandi. Mary told us, "I still don't know if she's my sister." While the question as to whether she truly is Mary's family still looms, executive producer David Maples says, "We will not see [Lauren] again this season, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't somehow come into play perhaps in some way."

There's Something About Mary's Love Life: "Raph [Cristián de la Fuente] and I definitely give our love another chance, so we get a lot closer this season than last," said Mary of this year's season finale. However, fans have been hoping for a connection between Mary and Det. Dershowitz since season one. Todd Williams said, "Coming into season two, Bobby D. is moving closer and closer to Mary's inner circle. They still have a working relationship, but there is definitely a growing relationship." While Mary teased, "There is some chemistry [with Dershowitz]," she also jokingly called Todd out in front of the panel: "What you're trying to say is you want to sleep with me."

There's Something About Mary's Dad: Her father, whom we've yet to see on the series, has been M.I.A. for Mary's whole life, presumably on the run. A clue in a future episode may debunk that rumor, though, leading you to believe that Mary's dad may be in the witness-protection program. While McCormack finds that that would be "very ironic," she also thinks it would be "too tidy. David doesn't like things that are that symmetrical." David added, "It seems to be that would be such an obvious choice."

There's Something About Mary: While last year's finale left Mary in danger of losing her job and quite possibly her life, this year is more emotional than anything. Lesley Ann Warren told us, "Something really awful happens to Mary, and we all have to rally around her. It's emotionally big and catastrophic in its possibilities." Nichole Hiltz added, "Our finale carries out over two episodes. It's a heartbreaking finale, [and] it's unexpected."

Do you think Laura Prepon is really Mary's sister? Should Mary end up with Raph or Bobby D.? The comments await!


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