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    Caught! David Arquette Bartends for Brody's Babes

    Brody Jenner, David Arquette Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images; John Shearer/Getty Images

    David Arquette, enjoying a low-key guys' night out in West Hollywood, watching the Lakers game at Darkroom on Melrose. Dave, dressed cazh in jeans and a plaid, everydude button-up, was throwing back a few brews out on the patio, totally chilling...That is until Brody Jenner and his slobbering, pretty posse of about six guys strolled in.

    It wasn't long before this hip 'n' easy dive bar turned rowdy and was swarming with high-heeled, hungry girlies.

    Soon nice-guy Arquette had to pitch in to keep the place afloat:

    First, the place filled up with slutbots just like that. Do Brody's dimples have a tramp-tracking device or something? 'Cause we highly doubt these "way overly done-up chicks," as a Darkroom patron put it, were there to watch the Lakers lose.

    Our spies added that Jayde Nicole, B.J.'s shapely intended, could have been there, but it was hard to notice with all of the beautiful girls throwing themselves at B.

    Hmmm. Can't really imagine Jayde would have put up with that, but then, maybe that's her secret with the doable stud to begin with? More of a hands-off policy than on?

    Darkroom is fairly small, and we're told the one bartender there was swamped having to serve Brody's growing entourage and everyone else.

    That's when none other than Courteney Cox's hubby got behind the bar with the gal and became bartender numero dos. David helped her serve and make drinks for all the non and quasi-famous bar patrons. 

    Court, you've trained your man so well. Brody says muchas gracias!

    —Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder and Natalie Abrams


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