•  The new Jonas Brothers video for "Fly With Me" has landed on the Internet and features some stellar choreography. Joe may not be reprising his "Single Ladies" moves, but that stuff he does with the hat? Spectacular.

•  Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson might be back together again. Given all the house calls, were they ever really apart?

•  Even after starring in The Hangover, Bradley Cooper and Justin Bartha don't have very effective morning-after cures for a long night of drinking.

•  Looks like we won't be seeing Hugh Laurie on Broadway anytime soon, unless Elton John develops House: The Musical. Hey, it could happen!

•  Susan Boyle is back in Scotland with her cat, Pebbles. Of course she has a cat named Pebbles.

•  The bromance between Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott has taken a major turn for the worse, but picturing Amy Adams and Emily Blunt palling around makes us feel much better about it.

•  Dear Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams: You crazy newlyweds actually put together a pretty neat duet. Nice work. Love, Rise 'n' Shine

If only Reese Witherspoon had lent Bret Michaels that helmet she's wearing in Big Pic, the Tonys afterparties would have been much more eventful.