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    David Carradine's Mental Case Still a Go

    David Carradine Lisa O'Connor/

    David Carradine will live on through his work, sooner rather than later.

    Fox tells E! News that this Tuesday's episode of Mental, featuring the Kill Bill star in a guest role, will air as scheduled.

    Carradine's sudden death at 72 of an apparent suicide while shooting a movie in Thailand set off a whirlwind of tributes this morning and prompted far more questions than answers about the prolific character actor's state of mind, though friends, family and colleagues have expressed doubt that he took his own life.

    His manager, Tiffany Smith, is the latest to dispute the police's theory, saying, "I can tell you 100 percent that he would have never committed suicide. He was too full of life."

    But while he got the chance to contribute to Fox's Mental, the crew of the indie drama Portland, which he was planning on shooting this summer, is currently mourning the loss of its top-billed star.

    "An actor of David Carradine's stature behind our film meant the world to us," said executive producers Adrian Salpeter and Elizabeth Levine of Random Bench Productions. "Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this difficult time.

    "The team is committed to this film and are considering other actors to replace the irreplaceable David Carradine. The producers and all involved are moving forward with the production in his memory."

    Though the actor had no fewer than six films of varying budgets in the can when he died, Portland was his only project currently in preproduction.

    "Every filmmaker aspires to work with an iconic actor like David Carradine," the film's director, Matthew Mishory, said. "He was one of a kind".